Barbara Hart

Barbara traces her love of art to a class in art history while pursuing her nursing education. Art became a life-long passion. Her greatest influence has been the impressionistic movement. 
Although Barbara’s sign is Sagittarius (a fire sign) she loves the earth demonstrated by her many gardens in her yard and her many paintings of flowers. She paints what she loves resulting in many still life and landscape paintings.  She is attracted to line and shape found in buildings and cityscapes often resulting in abstract formats. 
Barbara’s education has spread out over many years including classes which are ongoing, workshops, books and other art related material. Barbara wishes to thank the many mentors over the years that have helped her develop her own unique style.
Barbara exhibits her work extensively around the greater Orlando area as well as on-line where she has received several awards. 
She can be found working in her studio at 807 Virginia Dr Orlando where her artwork is always on display.