Red (Linda Harrison)

The Right Brain Wins, “Red” (Linda Harrison)

Fine Art expressed with Contemporary Abstracts. Linda Harrison, aka “Red” draws on her Louisiana heritage and the strong influence of her paternal grandmother and her parents in endless creativity. Vibrant colors, different textures and unique, fluid movements are elements in Red’s acrylic and oil paintings. 

Red connects with the world through her canvas. Her voice is the expression of abstract art. She freely expresses her creative spirit with imagination not bound by reality. Through the use of color, strokes, textures, and shapes; her abstracts come to life. She loves the free-flowing movement of abstracts. Red says “I don’t choose the content, it chooses me. I paint best when I let my hands do the talking”.
Integral to her artwork is her love of and connection to Nature and Music. Red says that both evoke sensory experiences that awaken her creativity and frees her human spirit. 

To better connect with her audience, she writes an uplifting short story for each painting. These stories may have some history, uplifting quotes, or discussion about music.

Red says that her art is an adventure, at times daring, whimsical, passionate, and challenging; but always expressive.  Abstract art allows her to freely express her creative spirit. She hopes her art expressions touches each viewer in a unique and personal way.

In 2020, Red was thrilled to become a full-time artist, retiring her management consultant career and business. She now dedicates her time, spirit and career to her passion for creating abstracts. 

Dream. Believe. Create. Succeed.
Dare to Feel,
Red (Linda Harrison)