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Symphony of a City

About the Artwork

Danielle Pflanz


39"h x 52"w x 1.5"d overall size 2 panels each 39"h x 26"w x 1.5"d


Mixed Media diptych on 2 wood cradeled panels


About the Artist

Nelson Babilonia headshot.jpeg

Chicago expands far past the beautiful skyline, reflective glass, and glistening waters of Lake Michigan onto a concrete-laden, graffiti-kissed, billboard-peeling landscape. The city is filled with the smells of food, diesel fumes, and garbage-filled alleyways, the sounds of music, vehicle horns, and sirens while steeped in the experience of diverse, multicultural neighborhoods. These two paintings came together with a complexity of marks, and various mediums placed, dripped, washed, layered upon, and sanded away until my experience of the city was translated. This is the symphony of my city. My works are held in private collections across the country. 

Artwork Images

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