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KatrinFace Art (Melissa Rudge)






About the Artist

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KatrinFace Art is artist Melissa Rudge. Melissa was born and raised in Madison Heights, VA. She graduated from Radford University with a degree in Art Education. After serving 2 years as an art educator with the Peace Corps in Ghana, Melissa moved to Orlando. Today you can find her teaching art to elementary school students and enjoying the Florida sunshine. "I knew I wanted to spend my life creating from a very young age. My grandmother was a very talented artist and she loved having a tiny protégé. My mother was very supportive of my need to create, providing me with a shed that kept my art messes out of the house. Growing up in one of the most visually colorful areas of the east and spending time in Ghana, where pattern and color influence every aspect of life, has definitely influenced my artistic style. I love when someone looks at one of my paintings or mosaics and laughs, gasps, or relates."

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