TParker Headshot.jpg
Thomas Parker

TParker’s art reveals his expressionism-style and his internally driven exploration of vibrant and intense colors. TParker typically produces both figurative and non-figurative abstract paintings, layer by layer, that are rich in color and texture. In a recent interview, he commented: “I try not to get caught up in my own preconceived ideas and notions of what the final result should be. In effect, I allow the painting to take me on a twisting and turning journey that keeps me guessing what the final outcome will be.” In many of TParker’s paintings you will find that he combines acrylic paint or oil paint and collage with a few found objects, e.g. stones, metal, paper, sand, wood, etc. to create a large, textured, mixed media canvas. TParker has been awarded several “First Place” awards or “Best In Show” awards for his abstract work and has client/buyers in the Unites States well as Europe. Art Business News selected TParker as one of the Top 50 Artists to watch in 2014. TParker has been an artist his entire life securing his first award for an abstract painting during The Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee many years ago. While his career in LifeScience Biotechnology spans 25+ years he remained involved in art throughout his early life and in 2004 he became a professional abstract artist in South Florida. Several South Florida galleries sell or have sold TParker’s abstract work. Visit for more information about his work.