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Gene Leedy


Gene Leedy was a pioneer architect of precast concrete construction. He is also considered one of the ‘Sarasota School’ of architects. The city of Winter Haven essentially remains his visible legacy and architectural laboratory. They have the largest collection of his works in one location. He taught at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He died in 2018 but the videos on his website were recorded a few years before his death. View them at the link below:

John B. Stetson

John B. Stetson, the famous hat manufacturer, built the Stetson Mansion in 1886. The museum house has a few videos and photo archives on their website:


Regional Architecture Firm Video Libraries 

DLR Group

DLR Group has offices around the globe housing specialized design expertise, including their office here in Orlando. This is a link to their video library, covering topics from Mass Timber design to teaching your kids about Net Zero Energy:


Stantec Architects have offices worldwide including their offices here in Orlando, an A/E firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, the videos at the link below cover topics from urban design to the environment:




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