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Orlando Center for Architecture & Design Student Projects

UF CityLab | Design Studio | Core 4 - Spring 2020 


The project this semester is the Orlando Center for Architecture. A research and public outreach facility that serves as Orlando’s central hub for Architecture. The Center will be home to the Orlando Foundation of Architecture (a 501c3 organization), the local AIA Orlando Chapter, and house the entire 2+2+2 Architecture Program (Valencia, UCF, and UF Studios) within a single building.  


The Center will provide a meeting place and destination for people who believe good design matters. Through exhibits, lectures, tours and special events, the Center offers a place where design professionals, community leaders, students, and the public can admire, discuss and debate our built environment. In addition to its research and dissemination mission, the Center will focus on educating the public about the tangible and socio-cultural impacts of Architecture and the necessary planning to shape the future of Orlando.  

Student Projects


The CORE Design Studio 4 at UF CityLab-Orlando begins with an urban analysis and uses the outcomes to develop individual urban design and development proposals in the city.  This is the final studio prior to starting the Advanced Master’s Program at UF CityLab. An emphasis is placed on cultivating self-directed speculation, analytical thinking, and design research. This studio provides initial exposure to the process of integrated design and will require a broad understanding of the impacts of technical design requirements, urban context, environmental conditions, social and cultural imperatives in the making of architecture. 

Students are tasked with preparing a program and developing a design proposal for the Orlando Center of Architecture that will meet four core functions:  

1) Serve as Orlando’s central hub for Architecture where individuals can conduct research and disseminate new Architectural knowledge.  

2) Provide headquarters for the Orlando Foundation of Architecture and AIA Orlando to host short courses, conferences, tours and symposia for both architects and the general public.  

3) House the entire Orlando 2+2+2 Architecture Program (Valencia, UCF, and UF Studios) within a single building expressed in a manner that encourages the collaboration unique to this three-way partnership.  

4) Educate the public about the tangible and socio-cultural impacts of architecture and urban planning. The proposed facility must exhibit the best practices of design while responding to and being fully integrated into the fabric of the city.  


Lucas Najle, AIA

UF CityLab at Fairwind’s Building 135 W. Central Blvd Suite 500, Orlando, FL

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