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Alejandro Munoz

Project Description

The project is regarding the establishment of a center, in which AIA and OFA activities will take place: 

The Orlando Center for Architecture and Design (OCAD)

1. Overview

The location of the proposed center is at the Northeast corner of the intersection of Rosalind Ave. and Washington St.

2. Strategies

At the current state, the site forms a threshold between Lake Eola and the middle of downtown.  It forms a separation from one side to the other.

3. Goals

The proposed project is designed to spread architectural knowledge to the members of the city.  It must create a hub for architecture (career and education).

The proposed project must form a handshake between Eola and downtown: 

                Directional (guide the passerby from Eola to Downtown) 

                Collective (collect the passerby in) 

                Porous (allow natural elements to permeate, allow city elements to permeate) 

                Multi-layer (a handshake is a multi-point connection) 

                Convergent (it ought to welcome in) 

                Divergent (it ought to spread architectural knowledge out) 

                Connective (it must connect eola to downtown, architecture to the public)

4. Handshake

“A handshake is an exchange of information between 2 different entities within a common ground.”

                The program forms a handshake of nature.

                The program forms a handshake of function.

5. Site

The adjacent context is converged into the core of the structure.  Elements of Lake Eola and the passerby coming from downtown.


6. 1st Floor

The main lobby consists of a fully open environment.

A pre-function courtyard brings the elements of nature into the elements of the city inside the structure.

An open café that faces the street welcomes the passerby.

A gallery on Roslaind Ave. captures the interest of the pedestrian on that side.

7. 3rd Floor

Floors 2-4 house the educational program of Architecture 2+2+2 (Valencia, UCF, UF).

At the third floor, students have access to a manmade natural park that exists within the city elements.

The Bridge existing only at the third floor, is wat allows access to the rooftop park.

8. 5th Floor

The 5th floor houses the AIA and OFA offices.

Multiple rearrangement of the interconnected conference rooms allows for hosting of bigger events.

Deck C allows for the hosting of exterior events

9. Rosalind Elevation

The spiral stairs, and the corner of Rosalind and Washington, are fully open towards Lake Eola.

10. Washington Elevation

The rooftop park exists over the auditorium.  Decks throughout allow for observation from any level.

11. Sections and perspectives

The following sections and perspectives depict the proposed:

                Multi-layer handshake between the structure and it’s surroundings.

                Elements of nature persisting throughout the structure

                A connection to Lake Eola

                A connection to downtown

The proposed Orlando Center for Architecture and Design becomes the common ground in which 2 different entities: Eola/Downtown, Nature/City, Public/Architect, exchange information.

Student Information

Alejandro Munoz

Instagram:  @a_munozstudio

University of Florida Graduate School of Architecture at CityLab-Orlando

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