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Hidden Cottage

About the Artwork

Barbara T Hart


24" x 30"




About the Artist

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Barbara traces her love of art to a class in art history while pursuing her nursing education. Art became a life-long passion. Her greatest influence has been the impressionistic movement. Learning the history of art evolved into seeking training as an artist participating in ongoing classes and multiple workshops. She discovered a joy in drawing with pencil that evolved into a passion for Pastels and Acrylics. This gave her an opportunity to develop her unique style emphasizing both color and light. She continues to explore all types of media and now is pursing the study of watercolors. Barbara is truly a local artist exhibiting throughout the Orlando area. She is and has been well represented at Orlando Museum of Art, First Thursday, many local venues such as Quantum Leap Winery, galleries as SOBO, Casselberry Art House, and local history museums. She also participates in art exhibits in downtown Orlando including City Arts. Barbara is known for her emphasis on color and her exciting interruption of the environment.

Artwork Images

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