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2021 Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Awards 2021 banner.png
July 29, 2021 | 6pm-7pm
The Orlando Foundation for Architecture hosted a presentation of the 2021 OFA Scholarship Awards to students in the local 2+2+2 architecture program. The OFA Board of Trustees, Scholarship Awards Committee, OFA membership, as well as friends and family, congratulated and honored these incredible students. 


Irving Teos, 2nd Year Valencia Student -  $1,000

Maria Moreno, 1st Year UCF Student -  $2,000

Brittany Mayer, 2nd Year UCF Student -  $2,000

Alex Karimipour, 1st Year UF CityLab Student -  $4,000

Jimmy Delvalle, 2nd/3rd Year UF CityLab Student -  $5,000

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