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The Orlando Foundation for Architecture has a number of committees that provide a mutually beneficial experience. By joining a committee, you get involved in an area of personal interest, gain an outlet for things you are good at but may not have a chance to do in your work, build your professional network, create strategies to grow & develop the architecture & design community in Central Florida, meet new people & have fun interacting, brainstorming & working with others.
The committee groups benefit from your unique skills, fresh ideas & different points of view. Your input enriches the committee's work. The more people get involved, the greater our effectiveness & impact. Committee participation is a win-win!


Chair:  Tim Gibson, AIA

Members:  TBD



Chair:    Mark Adams, AIA

Members:  Tim Gibson, Jacki Hale, Kyle O’Connell, Greg Stock, Gary Scarboro


Chair:  Peyton Robertson

Members:  Kyle O’Connell, Gary Scarboro



Chair:  Greg Stock, AIA

Members:  Debra Lemons, Suzanne Barnes



Chair:  Jacki Hale, FAIA

Members:  Debra Lemons, Lauren Zimmerman, Mark Adams



Chair:  Dean Hill, ASLA CGP

Members:  Jacki Hale

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