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Lyman High Studies Sunrail

Lyman High Studies Sunrail

The senior architectural students at Lyman High School in Longwood competed to design a mixed-use facility that would be located next to the future SunRail Train Station planned for Longwood Street and Church Avenue in Longwood. A presentation took place at the Longwood Community Building and honored the 20 students who participated. Five students were recognized as finalists. Daniela Gomez won the competition, recognizing her hard work, including a physical model of her proposal. Gomez received a $700 scholarship from the CFE Federal Credit Union.


Attending the presentation were notable community leaders, SCPS Superintendent Walt Griffin, School Board Member Tina Calderone, and Longwood Mayor Brian Sackett. Rafik Accad, the architectural instructor at the high school said “When it comes to urban design, you have to follow the rules and regulations which might limit your design ideas, however, I truly am very proud of my students as they all showed unique and successful concepts considering those limitations.”


For more information on Lyman High School’s architectural program, visit

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