Mills 50 Bus Stop Shelter Prototype

The Mills 50 Bus Shelter Prototype is a transit shelter solution for the Mills 50 Main Street District of Orlando, Florida. A lack of protected bus stops combined with an emerging interest in promoting a district-wide brand and streetscape led to the creation of a new interactive mass-transit experience.

The prevailing landscape of vintage illuminated signage presents the opportunity to create an easily recognizable network of shelters that can serve to unify the district as a whole while simultaneously functioning as a wayfinding element to motorists and transit riders alike. Utilizing an economy of form, the L-shape of the design provides shelter from the elements with a compact footprint suitable placement in the right of way. The orientation of the L-shape corresponds to the flow of traffic.

The LITE-STOP bus shelter makes use of new LED color changing lighting technology which allows the structure to not only change colors, but the lights are connected to a microcontroller, which controls the lighting based on various sensors that can input data into the microcontroller. The shelter could react to the temperature outside, becoming a deeper red as the heat incrreases, or bluer the cooler it is. The lights can also be programmed to pulse when a bus stops at the shelter, or the intensity could increase as a passerby approaches the structure.

Learn more at this link to the architects page on this shelter

It received the AWARD OF HONOR in the 2012 Un-built Category, designed by Process Architecture, LLC Orlando, Florida. The independent Jury said: “Thoughtful and well considered. Nice simplicity. Really well done, so pure but well put together.”

Here also is the link to Process Architecture LLC’s home page:

Check here for the 2013 AIAOrlando award winners: We will feature them in depth in the coming months.

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