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Mills 50 Bus Stop Shelter Prototype

2012 Mills Bus Shelter

The Mills 50 Bus Shelter Prototype is a transit shelter solution for the Mills 50 Main Street District of Orlando, Florida. A lack of protected bus stops combined with an emerging interest in promoting a district-wide brand and streetscape led to the creation of a new interactive mass-transit experience.

2012 Mills Bus Shelter Map

The prevailing landscape of vintage illuminated signage presents the opportunity to create an easily recognizable network of shelters that can serve to unify the district as a whole while simultaneously functioning as a wayfinding element to motorists and transit riders alike. Utilizing an economy of form, the L-shape of the design provides shelter from the elements with a compact footprint suitable placement in the right of way. The orientation of the L-shape corresponds to the flow of traffic.

2012 Mills Bus Shelter nite

The LITE-STOP bus shelter makes use of new LED color changing lighting technology which allows the structure to not only change colors, but the lights are connected to a microcontroller, which controls the lighting based on various sensors that can input data into the microcontroller. The shelter could react to the temperature outside, becoming a deeper red as the heat incrreases, or bluer the cooler it is. The lights can also be programmed to pulse when a bus stops at the shelter, or the intensity could increase as a passerby approaches the structure.

Learn more at this link to the architects page on this shelter

It received the AWARD OF HONOR in the 2012 Un-built Category, designed by Process Architecture, LLC Orlando, Florida. The independent Jury said: “Thoughtful and well considered. Nice simplicity. Really well done, so pure but well put together.”

Here also is the link to Process Architecture LLC’s home page:

Check here for the 2013 AIAOrlando award winners: We will feature them in depth in the coming months.


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