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Video Inside Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

The Orlando Sentinel has shared a video from the new Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center (PAC) last week. The arts center, in downtown Orlando, won’t open until November — but this video gives a look at the progress inside. Here is the link:

(Warning the video is preceded by a short advertisement.) This video shows more of the back of house studios and offices, the performance hall is still being finished. It is only a couple minutes long. The largest theater, to be named by the Walt Disney Co. because of its $12.5 million gift, will recall the tented outdoor spaces of early amphitheaters, with upper walls the blue of the sky. Wood surfaces will be mahogany, with the balconies faced in woven copper.

You can read more articles by Matthew Palm of the Orlando Sentinel on their site at the above link as well.

Here are links to our previous post on the PAC.


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