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Collaboration is Crucial to Central Florida


What is collaboration?

Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together toward a common purpose to achieve a community benefit.

Effective collaboration relies on Openness & Knowledge Sharing. If we each take a step back & realize that every resident wants basically the same thing – to grow & develop the region in order to develop more business, build community appreciation for our neigborhood centers & improve the overall quality of life in Central Florida – we must decide to work together; to collaborate; to move our agenda toward a common goal.

Why collaborate?

Developing & working in collaboration is crucial to the health & growth of the Orlando area.  When we broaden our view, and decide to work toward bigger, collective goals rather than focusing on our individual goals, we can build an influential movement that achieves what we all want – economic growth, community appreciation, respect for all neighbors & a healthy living environment.

Your challenge…

Collaboration requires a change of thinking & a change in the way we live.  Challenge yourself to participate in the collaboration life-cycle, engage others, & be part of a movement toward greatness. Challenge our community and professionals through you organizations and this blog. Play a role in shaping the recovery of the construction & real estate environment throughout Central Florida.  Play a role in the development & growth of this emerging city. You have the power to improve the built environment in Central Florida! DISCUSS YOUR ISSUES HERE.

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