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Cruise Ship Ports Need to Cultivate Luring First Impressions


Cruise passengers are pampered on their voyages, and are often disappointed on arrival at an island port, especially when it is their first time, if the port area is dilapidated and seedy. Theme Parks here in Orlando hide all construction out of the view of guests, because they know it affects one’s overall impression of their visit. First impressions are even more important than overall impressions.

Hugh Darley writes about branding and design for ports, destinations and countries. Hugh is the President of IDEA, Inc., a creator of ports of call, entertainment and branded destinations in the Caribbean and around the world. His recent blog post regarding Tortola’s current port development for their new contract with Norwegian Cruise Lines, is interesting reading, regarding these issues. While he had designed a Port Concept for the British Virgin Island Port Authority there, his words do relate to all ports, and tourist experiences.

Here is a link to his Blog editorial, where you can also sign up to follow his blog:

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