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A recent fortune cookie had this message for me:

“A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.”

Architects always seem to have an opinion. They dream of different worlds all the time. Their sketchbooks are full of them. Here is a recent study I made for Aqua Quay, my fictional lab. Analyzing how many people would live on the resort island gave me some idea of the how many tourist they could serve, and how big theaters and schools would need to be, how the community would operate.

The natural order of the world is decay, it is our efforts as a society and stewards of the planet that contribute to a fulfilling life. It is not that hard, all of us contribute our time and efforts to our church, community, and family every day.

Supporting one more cause or answering one more need each day, will continue to expand your imprint, and confirm that we are not indifferent people.

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