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International Space Station Video Tour

What blog regarding Central Florida architecture would be complete without a posting on the International Space Station. One of the most unique dwellings/research labs in the solar system. Many of the modules were prepared and assembled here at Kennedy Space Center, and carried into orbit, to be attached to the ISS, by our Space Shuttle program.

airlock hatch and suits in ISS

Departing Astronaut and station commander Sunita (Suni) Williams gives a 25 minute tour of the various modules, life on the station and the Soyuz Spacecraft that currently transports staff and payloads to the ISS.

soyuz craft from ISS

You can see that the original sections launched into orbit by the Russians are narrower with smaller hatch connections between them.  Now 15 years old and occupied for 13 years, the video was made Nov. 19 2012. Enjoy when you have time:

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