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Ronchamp Modeled At This Year’s BIM BAM BOOM


AIA Orlando’s 2nd year for BIM BAM BOOM proposed quite a challenge for the software teams. Each team was tasked with creating a 3D model file in 3 hours, showcasing their software capabilities, based on the historic Ronchamp, France church – Le Corbusier’s Chapel of Ronchamp. The 3 software companies were Autodesk, showcasing their REVIT suite of tools, Nemechek, Showcasing their Vectorworks Platform, and Archicad.

The sweeping concrete edifice in the rolling countryside of France was itself a challenge to build in its day. Here is a link with images and information on this dramatic Chapel by the architect known as ‘Le Corbusier’, on the Arch Daily Website, to give you some background to compare to the work of the competitors:


The participating companies had an in-person team as well as the ability to engage other BIM experts over a shared WI-FI connection. The challenge was for each team to display their work in real time – AS IT HAPPENED – while answering questions from the audience, meeting the challenge terms, and highlighting the features of their software. Teams were challenged to model the chapel and deliver floor plans, sections and elevations, shade studies as well as environment and building data in a very limited amount of time.

BBB-Displaced elements

The teams modeled the chapel in 3D, then used their sun study, material life cycle, lighting and energy analysis tools, to report the efficiency of Le Corbusier’s original design.

BBB-lighting analysis


BBB-life cycle

And they produced elegant 3D views from their models.


We could not have been able to do it without the generous support of the sponsors:

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