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Sarasota County Area Transit, 2014 Merit Award

Architects Design Guild won an Award of Merit, this year from the AIA Orlando Chapter for this new public transit hub in Sarasota. That coastal south Florida community is trying to breathe a new life into their public transportation system by promoting Brand Identity and ridership through functional structural expression, use of color, and inspiring open air space. This location on the east side of town, near I-75, follows their previously successful intermodal center next to city hall in downtown Sarasota.

sarasota hub adg 06

The Intermodal Transfer Station will accommodate six (6) buses at a new passenger loading platform. The site will also accommodate Greyhound Buses and taxi service. ADG has designed a flexible semi-circular one-way in/ one-way out bus circulation system. Passengers have the ability to load directly from a “park-like” loading platform, organized around an inviting landscaped courtyard. Accommodations on the platform also provide access to restroom facilities, an administrative office and driver’s lounge. Ticketing and routes utilize LEED signage and a route/ticketing kiosk. The campus master plan is centered around a “Eco-Campus” Idea where all vehicle traffic is pushed to the outside and the internal campus is focused on reclaiming wetland and natural vegetation as a primary asset.

sarasota hub adg 05

The project site redevelops an existing County parking lot, transforming it into an urban “pocket park”, utilizing concepts and standards of “New Urbanism”. The design team also incorporates CEPTED (Crime Presentation through Environmental Design) principals in the site design. The project will be submitted to the US Green Building Council and is designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification for New Construction.

sarasota hub adg 03

sarasota hub adg 07

Here is a link to all the 2014 AIA Awards:

All the 2014 award recipients will be speaking about their projects on October 7th, down town at CityLab. Here is the link with complete information on the event and you can also purchase your ticket:

Here is a link to Architects Design Guild’s website page on Transportation facilities with more information on this project:

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