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SunRail Update

Sunrail MarkCalvert-5

Mark Calvert of Evolve Design said regarding: why use Sunrail over driving I-4? “We encourage texting on Sunrail!” “and Tweeting!” Sunrail will be teamed with Nomad so that you will be able to see where your train is in real time. The first sunrail stations to be completed will be Altamonte Springs and DeBary. You will have 45 to 60 seconds to get on the car, when the door opens at the station. There will be restrooms on the trains but not at the stations.

Sunrail gave 1,000-plus tours per hour at a recent Winter Park event. Parking will be free at most Sunrail stations, but near downtown at Florida Hospital and Orlando Health Stops, there will be a charge for parking. Reloadable tap on-off SunCard passes will be available online next March for SunRail.

A current view of the Sanford Station under construction.

A current view of the Lake Mary Station under construction.

Information from Twitter: Follow Anjali Fluker Reporter for the Orlando Business Journal on Twitter @AnjaliFlukerOBJ


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