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Tangent Chair wins Bronze from A’ Awards

tangent chair winner

Local Designer and architectural intern Joe Bertucci of VOA Associates, received a Bronze award from A’ Design Awards for his Tangent Chair. A’ awards more than 100 awards each year in multiple categories. The award seeks to underline the best designs and well designed products worldwide. The award-winning products and designs are highlighted to the international public via the A’ Design Award Gala-Night and Exhibition in Italy and they are communicated to all relevant press across the world.

Joe writes this regarding his chair:

The elegance and simplicity of the Tangent Chair are achieved by displaying the inherent strength and flexibility of plywood. The chair defines its own space by embracing and challenging its design principles. The chair’s geometry and elements are beautifully displayed when they are blended together and unite the overall design. Through the integration of plywood and traditional fabrication techniques, the material naturally conforms to the occupant in an organic way, giving it a sense of harmony and purity. The end result exhibits an elegant and unique way of redefining the chair.

tangent chair process

Here is a link to Joe’s Blog post, with more details on the chair and the design process, including a video about the chair:

Here is a link to the A’ (A Prime) Awards webpage on Joe’s award:

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