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The Polasek – Capen Connection


Efforts are underway to restore the Capen House, recently saved from demolition by floating it across a lake to a new location on the Polasek Museum property. Funds are still needed to restore the interior, as the house was cut in half to fit on the barge. But there are more reasons to locate the Capen-Showalter house on the museum grounds. Evidently Albin Polasek had a long relationship to the Capen family even when he was teaching in Chicago at the Art Institute. Albin was commissioned to sculpt a number of family members.

Here is a link to an Orlando Sentinel article by Beth Kassab with current pictures of the Capen House under repairs, and more information about the Capen family sculptures by Albin Polasek:

Click Here to Donate to restore the Capen House:

Also our previous posts with a link to the video of the house being floated across Lake Osceola:

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