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This project originally started by a series of workshops with Peter Kageyama, funded by the city. I attended a follow-up workshop hosted by Urban Re-Think On Central, near Sumerlin. Since the visioning efforts by the city, Stephanie Darden the CEO of FDG Creative has taken up the helm for the Why I Love Orlando project that really needs to be championed by the public. Visit ‘Why I Love Orlando’ on facebook, to keep track of the movement.

Peter Kageyama shared the success stories of some other cities via web-conference to discuss his book and project For the Love of Cities.Grass roots efforts like Why I Love Orlando can get noticed by industry or capital looking to invest, relocate and expand. While we are a tourist destination, attracting other businesses to Orlando is key to a diverse economic structure, able to withstand economic shifts, like the recession we are living through. So please join the cause.

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