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Do you know what a Structural Engineer Does? We interview BBM Structural to find out.

What do you do / what is structural engineering?

Structural engineering first and foremost designs buildings to be safe. To make buildings safe, they are designed to stand up against exterior environmental loads ranging from hurricanes to earthquakes and rain to snow, as well as gravity loads from the weight of the structure itself and all that the building contains. Structural engineering also requires buildings be designed to be comfortable. A building may be safe, but not comfortable if it sways or vibrates to a level that makes the occupants uncomfortable.

What is your specialty?

BBM Structural specializes in many types of projects, most notably Education, Healthcare, Corporate / Office Building, Medical Office Building, Public / Municipal (Fire Stations, Emergency Operations Complexes, Public Safety Complexes), Resort / Hospitality, Correctional / Jails, Churches, Themed, Distribution & Storage Warehouses, Retail, Parking Garages, Mixed-Use, and Multi-Family Residential.

What is a structural engineer’s education path?

A person whose interests include creativity and applied mathematics may do well in a career based in structural engineering. An undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering is the minimum requirement to become a licensed structural engineer. A graduate degree focused on structural engineering is common and encouraged.

How do you integrate into the architectural team and at what point in the project do you prefer to be engaged?

As soon as the spatial design of a space by the architect begins, the structural engineer provides valuable input as to the size and spacing of the structural components required to create the space envisioned by the architect. There is typically a dynamic tension between design and cost that a structural engineer working in tandem with the architect allows the architect’s vision to become a reality. Being actively engaged early and throughout the design process with the architect and other disciplines allows this to occur.

What are some of your noteworthy projects in Central Florida?

  • Omni Champions Gate Resort – Champions Gate, FL

  • North Rosalind Residential Tower Apartments (Banner Development Radius Apartment Tower) – Downtown Orlando, FL

  • Valencia College; Multi-Use Facility, (Corporate Training Center), Lake Nona Campus - Orlando, FL

  • The Yard at Ivanhoe; Apartments, Retail & Parking Garage - Orlando, FL

  • AdventHealth New Bed Tower – Winter Garden, FL

  • Capital Plaza Office Building – Downtown Orlando, FL

  • Orlando Health New Hospital – Lake Mary, FL

  • AdventHealth; Project LEGO Health Village Clinical Research Building – Orlando, FL

  • Mission Space at EPCOT – Lake Buena Vista, FL

  • University of Central Florida; Engineering Building III – Orlando, FL

  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Walt Disney World’s MGM Studios – Lake Buena Vista, FL

  • Valencia College | University of Central Florida; The Commons at Creative Village Student Housing - Orlando, FL

The Yard at Ivanhoe

What are some of the technologies you are incorporating in your practice and/or in the built environment?

We utilize current 3-D analysis and design software associated with BIM software to facilitate structural designs. These tools allow our engineers to be design structures to acceptable sizes and levels of movement and vibration under various loading conditions whose sources range from people walking across floors to hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.



Discovering the essence of structural engineering, we delve into an exclusive interview with BBM Structural. They illuminate the intricate art of their profession, demystifying the role with clarity and passion. A structural engineer, they elucidate, is the architect of stability, ensuring the integrity and safety of buildings and infrastructure. From towering skyscrapers to intricate bridges, their expertise forms the backbone of modern construction. Yet, beyond the concrete and steel, BBM Structural emphasizes the importance of innovation and creativity in their work. As they share insights, one cannot help but marvel at the magic they wield in shaping the world around us. Make your event magical with a strolling magician indeed, but also recognize the enchantment in the solid foundations beneath…


Absolutely! Structural engineering plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and comfort of buildings. It's fascinating to consider the myriad of factors that structural engineers must account for, from withstanding external environmental forces like hurricanes and earthquakes to managing gravity loads and internal vibrations but also check Source , My Blog there. Striking the balance between safety and comfort is key, as a building may be structurally sound but still fail to provide a comfortable environment for its occupants if it sways or vibrates excessively. This underscores the importance of the meticulous work done by structural engineers in creating buildings that are not just safe, but also enjoyable and conducive to human habitation.


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