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Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Images courtesy of HKS & Baker Barrios

With the recent completion of the Steinmetz Hall at the Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts (ribbon cutting scheduled for January 14th), we thought it timely to revisit Orlando’s architectural landmark.

Wave wall

The new hall is designed to achieve an N1 sound rating. A room so perfectly attuned that a single person in the room should be able to hear his or her own heart beating. Ideal conditions for hearing unamplified performances as is intended for this theatre. In addition to using cast-in-place concrete walls, the space is suspended on over 400 rubber pads to absorb external vibrations.

300 seat venue for smaller shows & events

Additionally, although taller than the adjacent Walt Disney Theater, the Steinmetz Hall will have 1,000 fewer seats to create a more intimate setting. Also contributing to this is the theatre’s ability to transform in shape. Various components are supported on rails or on air-casters to allow for the space to be reconfigured as needed to accommodate various performance types.

Third floor plan

The ceiling too plays a role in affecting the acoustics. Discretely located within the elegant radiating pattern of the ceiling are 70 mechanized fabric panels that change position depending on the configuration of the room and the type of entertainment being enjoyed. The ideal configurations will probably not be fully realized until they’ve been tested in the real world with an audience.

2,700 seat amplified hall for Broadway theater-class play events

For more information, visit our website and check out our catalog of local architecture.

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