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George C. Young Federal Courthouse

GeorgeCYoung Federal Courthouse DLR2011

Another of 2011’s award winning designs in the Unbuilt Category is the George C. Young Federal Courthouse And Building Orlando, Florida. It received the AWARD OF MERIT, designed by DLR Group, Orlando, Florida. The project reinvigorates an aging building that had lost its admirers, as many buildings eventually do.

This was the independent Jury’s favorite and they said: “The new entry feature activates the park and provides a pedestrian scale to an urban context while providing a sense of security. Understanding the complex program and the constraints of working within an existing building, the plan is well organized and thought out.”

This building won again this year in the built Category. Check here for the 2013 AIAOrlando award winners, recently posted: We will feature this building in more depth in the coming months.


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