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Valencia Students Help Medieval Restoration

Students at Valencia Community College in French studies are working to raise funds on a crowd funding site to support learning abroad. Listen to their story below:

While strengthening their knowledge of the art and architecture of France and history of the Middle Ages, their learners will deepen their understanding of another culture. They will become part of a local community, gleaning insight into another way of thinking. Their student ambassadors of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. As our world evolves into a global community, the importance of understanding, accepting and learning to work with diverse populations will be instrumental to fostering cohesive working relationships. This project will teach team-building skills, methods for working toward a common goal, the value of community service and the need to preserve where we have come from as a people. These young people will not simply learn history from a book; they will experience it.

They need your help to make this powerful learning experience possible. Unfortunately, the income of the average community college student is a roadblock to many that wish to take part in this service-learning mission. These amazing young people have been working together on a variety of fundraising ventures to fund their quest. Today, they are reaching out to our corner of the global community, to ask you to take part in the preservation of the art and history of a bygone era, as well as invest in the education of our leaders of tomorrow. No amount is too small. Every dollar given is another stone laid in the foundation of the project. Every $2000 funds another ambassador. Please help them today!

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