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Green Parking Lot Coming to the Capen House


The Capen-Showalter house before relocation.

Improving rain water absorption on property reduces saturation in our storm water containment and mitigation systems, so there is less chance of flooding after heavy rains. The Capen House recently moved to the grounds of the Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens is getting a grass parking lot which will do just that.

“Thanks to the Orange County cultural facilities grant, we are completely redoing that parking lot,” Komanski said, adding that it would have a “green approach for water absorption. It’s all natural.” If the parking lot had been made of cement, she added, “When it rains, you rain onto a hard surface and it just runs off it and it doesn’t get to work properly and go in the ground. By making it an all natural turf, that allows for water absorption and no retention issues or runoff issues.” It naturally waters the green parking lot, she added, “And it looks beautiful as well. Aesthetically it’s beautiful, but from an environmental point view it’s all very nice, too.”

Read the complete article by Michael W. Freeman in the Winter Park Forum Section of the Orlando Sentinel at this link:

And contribute to the Capen House/Polasek Museum matching grant at this link:

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