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SOCO Restaurant Wins IIDA Hospitality Project Award


The Gravity Company worked with the Thornton Park Restaurant Group, an independent ownership group in Orlando to design SOCO to reflect the culinary vision of combining distinctive Southern warmth with a youthful Contemporary edge.  A combination of contemporary furniture, unique patterned finishes and the collection of rustic and contemporary lighting complete the Southern Contemporary design.

One obstacle faced was the large existing bar that created a huge obstruction into the space, causing an awkward divide of the dining areas.  The solution was to relocate the bar to the left of the main entrance creating two distinct areas.  As guests walk in, they can choose either the bar side or main dining side.  The main dining is now open and more comfortable for guests.  The dining area has a view into the kitchen with a grand window which allows guests to watch Soco’s culinary team create their composed dishes, just as you might peek into your own kitchen and watch your favorite home-cooked meals being prepared.  The bar side now has a more intimate, cozy setting.


This project received the 2015 Hospitality Project Award from the IIDA Florida Central Chapter. It also received the Interior Detail Award for the quality and unique design of the bar millwork.

See all the Winners on their Chapter Website, under the IDEA Gallery tab:

Here is a link to SOCO Restaurant:

And a link to Gravity Company:

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