A Case for Great Architecture

I have been trying to find time to share Marc Kushner’s TED talk with you. He very eloquently and passionately explains why great architecture is important in our lives. I can’t say it any better.

Marc started a website/social media project 5 years ago to promote projects by the young architects of his generation. Today Architizer now boasts a user-generated database of over 80,000 projects, uploaded by more than 50,000 firms around the world. We have a link to Architizer and other related sites on our links page if you ever need to find it later. Their weekly newsletter is inspiring and often features a humorous collection of buildings on occasion. Sign up on their website to subscribe to it.

Marc ended his TED talk with a plea to the audience: “Find an Architect. Hire an Architect. Work with us to build better buildings, better cities and a better world — because the stakes are high. Buildings don’t just represent our society they shape our society.”

Here is a link to the video of Marc’s presentation at the TED talks: http://architizer.com/blog/ted/

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