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Our 200th Post! 2 Years of Blogging on Architecture


With this post we reach 200 articles and announcements. We wanted to review our stats and favorite posts to date. Our Blog is gaining traction this fall as we wrap up our second year. We have featured posts on over 30 local architect firms, and another dozen architecture firms from beyond our region. We hope to increase the number of local architects covered in the next year. Please send us your projects.

We have covered a dozen community Charity Fundraising events, with links to their websites for direct donation to their causes, or ticket purchases.

4500 USA views this year, compared to 776 USA views the first year.

the most views in a day: 68

While viewers from over 90 countries have checked out one of our Blog entries, viewers from  30 countries have view our Blog more than 10 times. Some 62 other countries have viewed it less

These Top 20 Articles and pages have had the Most Views:

Citrus Bowl Construction Camera, 483 total views

Lakeside Winter Park Starts Construction, 308 total views

IKEA’s Meticulous Kitchen Development, 187 total views

Architectural Guide -PAGE, 167 total views

Winter Park Apartments to Finish Construction, 126 total views

About ORCAD -PAGE, 125 total views

Bim Bam Boom, 106 total views

Elegant Turnpike Service Plazas Raise the Bar, 94 total views

“A Place for Grace” Helps Osceola Homeless, 89 total views

300 Apartments By Airport, 78 total views Carrier Innovation Tour Stop Wed 2/26, 74 total views

Legoland Florida Unveils Plans for New Hotel, 71 total views

2+2+2 ED -PAGE, 70 total views

Zellwood Elementary School on the Lake, 67 total views

Florida Hospital Winter Garden Revealed, 58 total views

Citrus Bowl a Look Ahead, 56 total views

Azul Baldwin Park, 55 total views

George C. Young Federal Courthouse, 49 total views

Lake Nona Starts Town Center, 45 total views

Premium Outlet Center Wins NAIOP Case Competition, 44 views

Our Static pages provide reference information without having to search. Look for an increase of these pages and info in the coming year.

For searching we have:

21    categories 518  tags

We have 40 followers on the Blog, and 215 following indirectly on Facebook. I know most of my friends prefer not to fill their in box, so are not “following,” but have bookmarked the site instead to check regularly. There are many more people aware of our Blog, than the number of followers may suggest.

Average views per day:

under 5 per day, in 2013 average 15 per day, in 2014

We get more viewers on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

recently over 25 view per day  in the last few weeks, early in the week

There are so many talented architects in our region, unknown to the general public. They are creating some breathtaking homes and institutions, here and around the world, that are worth sharing. Please share our Blog with family, clients and friends, and add your email at the FOLLOW button in the Right hand margin to ‘Follow’ our feed.

Happy Holidays to All!

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