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9 Designers Shaping Central Florida


As part of the Orlando Business Journal’s focus on interior design last week, they asked local firms to name some of their most promising designers: The up-and-comers who will shape the next stage of the region as well as some veterans who still are innovating, shared some of their insights and comments:

  1. L2 Studios’ Margaret Brock: “A room needs to make an impact from a three-dimensional perspective. Scale and proportion are paramount.”

  2. Design Studio 15’s Yari Cruz: “It is crucial to understand how our clients live in their spaces and what is important to them.”

  3. Gribble Interior Group’s Grant Gribble: “I designed and specified many finishes at a juvenile detention center. I had to provide good design, while not being too over the top. It was a very enlightening experience.”

  4. Jacobs’ Ashley Good: “At the end of the day, if the client is not happy, the project has not succeeded.”

  5. HKS Architects Inc.’s Brenna Lang: “I prefer to focus on how each object interacts with the space and what it does for the overall design.”

  6. Baker Barrios Architects’ Monte Olinger: “I am a storyteller.”

  7. RLF Architecture Engineering Interiors’ Debra Sellers: “I admire and appreciate handmade craftsmanship when it is really good.”

  8. Phil Kean Design Group’s Robert Turner: “Early in my career, I had a client insist I work on their landscape design — the first and last time. I leave that to landscape architects.”

  9. VOA Associates Inc.’s Veronica Zurita: “My iPhone camera is wonderful for capturing inspiring ideas and communicating with my team.”

Read the entire article by Matthew Richardson in the Orlando Business Journal, with more on these designers at this link:


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